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Koupit Albion Online - Epic Founder's Pack Key

Koupit Albion Online - Epic Founder's Pack Key

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Become epic and strike out into the world, with 4,500 gold lining your pockets and your explorer’s looking glass giving you extra vitality. Strut around your area of Albion in style with an exclusive set of armor and a minted silver nameplate. 


    Level 2 Closed Beta access (starts Nov 24, 2015) - As the proud owner of a Founder’s Pack, you’ll be among the very first to enter Albion Online’s Closed Beta testing. 4500 Gold to gain wealth and prestige in the lands of Albion. 60 Days Premium Status - Gain an edge over your competition with a Premium status for faster fame progression, higher resource yields and many more. Founders Certificate - Let everyone know that you were one of the first to set foot on the world of Albion. You can display your Certificate proudly on the wall of your house and show it off to visitors!
    Silver Founder Nametag - Show your appreciation for the finer things in life with this fancy gilded lettering. The special font is visible to everyone in the world.
    Epic Avatar & Ring - A silver avatar ring which makes a flawless addition to your special nameplate. A noble portrait completes the avatar. The avatar is visible to everyone in the world, and endows your character with kingly charm and presence.
    Epic Explorer's Equipment - This set, which consists of a hat, tunic and boots, is truly meant for Founders. Only very few players will ever have the honor of wearing it. Will you be one of them?This item is breakable and lootable.
    Explorer's Looking Glass - This telescope is the must-have item for the intrepid explorer. Place it in your house and enjoy the views on Albion. This item is breakable and lootable.