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Mercenaries Saga 3 -Gray Wolves of War- Steam CD Key

Mercenaries Saga 2 -Order of the Sliver Eagle- Steam CD Key

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“Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle” is a tactical simulation RPG where you fight through 32 stages with Claude, Captain of the Silver Eagles and his team.


  • Command your units on a quarter-view battle map and bring them to victory!
  • Unit positions will affect Action results in battle. Whether your units are positioned in the, front, back, or side of the enemy, and whether they are on higher ground compared to the target are all taken into factor how effective their actions will be
  • Spend Skill Points (SP) to change character classes! By leveling up your character, they will be able to unlock Intermediate and Advanced job classes. Each class has its own set of skills you can learn.
  • Special classes can only be unlocked by using certain items.
  • Build your own balanced team!
  • Spend SP to learn new skills! Depending on the class you choose, your characters will be able to learn skills that can heal or buff allies, and debuff or inflict status abnormalities to your enemies.
  • The extra difficult “EX stages”are sure to satisfy even the most skilled strategy experts.

The stable rule of the large country on the western continent came to an end, leaving many small countries fighting for territory.

In the eastern part of this continent is a certain kingdom, protected by the snowy valleys to its north and the wide mountain range to its west. Though it is but a small kingdom, it has a long, proud history of being an independent nation.

Legend has it that the ancestors of the royal family were mere soldiers back in the Era of Gods, but became chosen heroes after defeating the Fiends of Darkness.

But as their long peace stretched on, and though the heroes blood passed through their veins, the kings grew complacent. Soon enough they were respected in name only as mediocre kings came and went in succession.
The current ruler, King Salud, is another simple man. Though he is beloved by his people, he has yet to make any great achievements in politics.

And thus the kingdom continues its slow decline, while places away from the royal capital were beset by new evils and monsters...

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