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Buy 5 x Premium Random Steam CD Key

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METACRITIC SCORE 70 AND UP - we give you only good games!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you already own the game, you can return it.

Premium Random Steam Key - it's something for anyone who likes surprises and good games. Why? Because we guarantee that the game you purchase with Premium Random Steam Key will be at least of a score of 70 on Metacritic and if the title does not have metascore, it will have 70% or more positive overall reviews on Steam!

But that's not all - we know you love cheap games and we are here to deliver. Prices of Premium Random Steam games start at €8.99 (Steam sales are not considered) and if you already have the game in your Library, you will be able to return the Premium Random Steam Key to the shop and get your money back for the game in question.

Product Rating
Well this is the second time ive bought this, first time i got very fun and nice games. The second time buying this i got one duplicate and one key which was already used.
good games, mostly cuz i got some anime tiddies, 10/10 would bang
Got a good mix of games all the keys worked no problem
did not get fun games only got puzzle games
received a couple games I was looking at adding to my collection, 1 that was odd and I'm not sure about and 2 puzzle games my girlfriend will enjoy
Really wish I would have read the comments. They are all right. I didn't get anything that I would play. It is quite depressing to be honest. But hey, it was a learning experience and I will never pay for one of these packs again.
I got 2 puzzle games, like actual puzzles you play by putting pieces together to make a picture. A platformer shooter game that I happily gave away to my friend and two games that I actually like, but I have one of them in my library already. Having the price in mind not the worst purchase ever.
Most games are old puzzle game ...
Die Games sind der letzte Husten... und meiner Meinung den Speicherplatz aber vor allem das Geld nicht wert. Mein Tip Finger weg.
awful. at least give decent games like butcher,IS defence rather than FREE games. 0/10 would not get again even given for free
Got the same 5 games as my friend LEL not even random
I just tried my luck...not even one that i no one buys these games...stay away plain and simple
Most of them are old games and puzzle games, buy if u dont mind this kind of games
Mostly puzzle games from which 2 of them were already in my steam library. Decent but not amazing, old games.
Got 5 games but all were pretty cheap and shitty games. 3 of them were literally puzzle games where you have to build a puzzle on screen... out of puzzle pieces... ah, to each their own I suppose. Regardless, still got more game value that I spent. Likely won't play any of the games though. Not sure what makes them "Premium"
Bought from G4A, got amazing games for the price, valued in total at over 80 Euros. Lots of RTS games I love.
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