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Release date: 09/08/2016

No Man’s Sky is shaping up to be one of the biggest indie releases of the year. The game, a first-person open world survival game, is the first indie game to ever be presented at the centerpiece of the influential, E3 conference.

No Man’s Sky will task players with exploring the universe which consists of over 18 quintillion planets! Each player will be able to decide his/her own fate by deciding where and how to travel, whether or not to engage in combat and what else to focus their gathered resources on. In No Man’s Sky, the sky seems to truly be the limit.


  • OPEN WORLD - 18 quintillion is a number almost impossible to wrap your head around. That’s how many planets are available in No Man’s Sky, each unique in its own way. Explore as many planets as possible to gather resources to upgrade your spaceship on your journey throughout the universe.
  • STORE INFORMATION IN THE ATLAS - Share your discoveries with other players by updating The Atlas, a special tool granted to each player of the game. When you find a new planet, share its coordinates in The Atlas and reap the benefits by being rewarded in-game currency.
  • DON’T GET CAUGHT - Remember, you’re not in this universe alone. Others might try and fight you, and stealing might not pay off. Stealing a planet’s resources or harming life forms might attract the attention of Sentinels who are meant to protect these planets. Always keep a sharp eye out for any trouble heading your way!
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No Man's Sky, in short, is recommended and worth the purchase. The game is vast with a great deal of variety in the aesthetics and world building. The more I play, the more I see redundancies, but I am still discovering completely new areas, styles and aspects with over 100 hours in. Do not let the achievements mislead you, as they are extremely easy compared to the true completion of any of the individual relation of those achievements. The game is far more encompassing and the achievements are not a good gauge of true completion. The exploration is the strongest positive, while the customization in building is the weakest but still good enough to be positive. I have played some games that do the building better, but everything else was lacking compared. This puts No Man's Sky as my current favorite space exploration game overall. I find the trade off of customization in building for smoother game play and a more enjoyable interactive world building within the game to be well worth it. While building can be fun, it does not make up for an empty game. To sum it up, No Man's Sky is recommended and something that I am likely to be playing off and on for quite some time.
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It's a fantastic game. i recommend it to most people. It's one of those games that gives you freedom to do whatever the hell you want
Lost 600 mill but still exploring
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Really fun game if you're looking for an exploration game with a side of crafting. There's a lot to do with a lot of different ventures to take. Whether you check the fandom guide or explore yourself there are different ways to experience the same thing. All explorations also add that extra zing. Highly recommended!
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Nice but oddly boring! And there they lend me a VR helmet: I start on foot at night on a planet and there it is the wow effect! Then viimens piloting in VR ...... Ok reduce the speed of the looping so that it is not heaving why not but suddenly we are machine-gunned like bruises!
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The game has a lot more content added to it, I got a lot of hours of play time exploring and doing some of the new hub area activities. My main constructive criticism would be that the introductions quest can drag on a bit.