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Dead by Daylight: Attack on Titan - War Hammer Pack AR XBOX One / Xbox Series X|S CD Key

Key activation
Requires the base game Dead by Daylight on Xbox Series X|S in order to play.
Release date: 19/06/2023

It’s your last chance to get the Colossal Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan Collection. 

Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan: War Hammer ​Pack

  • The Spirit – War Hammer Titan – ULTRA RARE
  • Felix Richter – Armin’s Uniform – VERY RARE
  • Kate Denson – Historia’s Uniform – VERY RARE
  • Zarina Kassir – Hange’s Uniform – VERY RARE
  • Ace Visconti – Kenny’s Uniform – VERY RARE

The War Hammer Pack only includes the Outfits, and Dead by Daylight characters must be purchased separately. Pack Outfit selection cannot be customized. 

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Sarah Gjern
Automatic translation
Its fun playing Meyers. And so friking fun seeing survivors jumbing when you come behind them and scare them. And the tombstone is way to fun to have.
Sarah Gjern
Automatic translation
The Character is fun but hard to learn. At least for me. Other might find her easy. But the survivor is fun. and really helpful when u are looking for totems and Gen :D
Automatic translation
A very interesting game, you have to learn a bit, but it's worth it in the end. It can be annoying to play survem solo and I still recommend playing it with a team of several friends.
Automatic translation
Great character DLC, love her. Fast delivery and easy activation. Would totally recommend to the Ring fans, she is well made.
[email protected]
Automatic translation
The game is good, but there are two big problems. First, the toxic players. Either playing killer or survivor, you will often be against toxic people who just ruins your game. The second problem are the DLCs. There are really too much of them, and you have the feeling of owning just the half of the game when you don't have any of them, because a lot of survivors and killers are locked.