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Xbox Series X|S

SMITE x VShojo Deluxe Bundle TR XBOX One / Xbox Series X|S CD Key

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Release date: 16/05/2023

Who would win: a God or a… VTuber?!? VShojo and SMITE collide in the newest crossover coming to the Battleground of the Gods! 

Play as your favorite legendary VTubers: Vei, Ironmouse, Nyanners, Silvervale, Kson, and Apricot, each featured as Skins for SMITE Goddesses. Even Zentreya appears as a Global Emote! 

Buy the Deluxe Bundle today to unlock all the event content at a great price! With loads of Cosmetics, Global Emotes, Jump Stamps, and more; you don't want to miss out on this deal! 

The Deluxe Bundle ALSO includes all of the Event Goddesses and Voice Packs: Nu Wa, Persephone, Serqet, Skadi, Nemesis, and Izanami! 

This bundle includes:

  • Vei Nu Wa Skin
  • Ironmouse Persephone Skin
  • Nyanners Serqet Skin
  • Silvervale Skadi Skin
  • Kson Nemesis Skin
  • Apricot Izanami Skin

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