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EvE Online 30 DAYS Pre-Paid Starter Pack - Amarr Bounty Hunter Digital Download CD Key

Key activation
The Starter Pack includes an activation code that can only be used to create new accounts or upgrade trial accounts; this game time cannot be applied to existing subscriptions.
Release date: 26/03/2013

Launch your dreams for galactic conquest faster and easier with an EVE Online Starter Pack, a complete set of beginner gear to kick start your chosen career among the stars. Each Starter Pack includes a fully-equipped starship including all the necessary weapons, modules and skillbooks to put you in the pilot's seat faster and get you into the action the minute you log in. Additionally, the Starter Pack gives you 30 days of game time and the Prototype Cerebral Accelerator (skill booster) , allowing you to make the most of your first days in the opportunity-filled universe of EVE Online.


  • The fast and deadly Executioner frigate
  • An arsenal of three Gatling Pulse Laser guns, loaded with ammo
  • Complete basic frigate equipment set to kit out your ship
  • Energy Management, High Speed Maneuvering and a dozen other critical skillbooks
  • Prototype Cerebral Accelerator (skill booster)
  • 30 days of game time
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