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Buy Sun Blast Star Fighter Steam CD Key

Buy Sun Blast Star Fighter Steam CD Key

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Release date: 03/04/2015

Sun Blast is a Sci-Fi themed, action-arcade space shooter with an addictive, fast-paced gameplay.

Two enemy races launch a devastating attack, foretelling the end of our world!

The only chance for survival is to seek and destroy all enemy starships, which are the main threat.
You will choose the ship that best suits your needs and begin the adventure of your life.

Prepare for combat!


  • Fast-paced space shooter
  • Addictive gameplay with arcade feeling and modern visuals
  • Wii Remote support
  • Three main ships to choose from, each with unique look and behavior
  • Gigantic starships with powerful weapons, ready to blow up anything that moves
  • Memorable battlefields, ranging from planet orbits to underground tunnels and infested military bases
  • Challenges with unlimited play time and medal award system
  • Steam achievements and leaderboards
  • Weapon upgrades and shield power-ups
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