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Survival: Fountain of Youth Steam CD Key

Survival: Fountain of Youth Steam CD Key

Sold by
MGG Studio
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Release date: 19/04/2023

Embark on a perilous expedition in Survival: Fountain of Youth, a gripping survival game set in the 16th century during Juan Ponce de Leon's quest for the legendary Fountain of Youth. Based on a historic event from the Age of Discovery, you find yourself stranded after a shipwreck, compelled to navigate deserted lands where danger lurks at every turn. From crafting tools and building shelters to hunting prey and battling predators, your strength and survival skills will be put to the ultimate test.

Survival: Fountain of Youth is not just a game; it's an immersive journey into the heart of survival, exploration, and mystery. Secure your Steam CD Key now and brace yourself for a challenging expedition where every decision determines your fate. Are you ready to conquer the unknown and uncover the secrets of the elusive Fountain of Youth? The adventure awaits.


  • Survive in the 16th Century: Navigate a treacherous environment filled with dangerous animals, harsh weather, lethal plants, diseases, injuries, hunger, thirst, and exhaustion. Over 30 animal species with unique habitats and behaviors challenge you to become the hunter rather than the prey. With scorching Caribbean heat, relentless storms, malaria-infested swamps, and poisonous plants, the Bimini archipelago is a hazardous landscape. Crafting, building shelter, improving your skills, and resource exploration are crucial to your survival. Are you prepared for the ultimate challenge?
  • Travel the Seas: Build a variety of sea vessels, from primitive rafts to 16th-century Spanish schooners, to explore and traverse between islands. Open new routes to unknown lands, prepare for expeditions, and unravel the mysteries that lie ahead. The seas hold both promise and peril—chart your course wisely.
  • Craft Your Way Through Time: Craft over hundreds of items for survival, ranging from simple tools made of sticks and rocks to advanced muskets, metal armor, and tools. Establish various workshops, from primitive leather dryers to pre-industrial era machines. Each action you perform improves your skills—strength, cooking, skinning, shooting, and more. Evolve from a clumsy rookie to a hardcore survivor.
  • Explore 15+ Unique Islands: Embark on a journey through diverse landscapes, climates, and environments on over 15 unique islands. From the desertic caatinga to crocodile-filled mangrove thickets and bustling underwater biomes surrounding shipwrecks and reefs, this open world is far from a Caribbean paradise. Adapt to the conditions of new lands, solve mysteries, and seek unique treasures.
  • Uncover the Mythical Fountain's Location: As you search for clues about your shipmates, stumble upon remnants of an ancient civilization that perished for an unknown reason. Explore ruins and temples, decipher centuries-old puzzles, and unveil the mystery behind the legendary Fountain of Youth. One question remains: Will you survive long enough to gain eternal youth?

One question remains: Will you survive long enough to gain eternal youth?

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