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Drop Dead: The Cabin Oculus Quest 2 CD Key

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Release date: 16/02/2023


  • Play 2-player co-op or solo
  • Slay endless hordes of unique and creative zombie monstrosities from exploding Splatters to Hulking Gorilla Smashers.
  • Unlock new large open areas with objectives to complete
  • Find a whole host of exciting guns and melee weapons to slaughter the horde with
  • Level up, upgrade and maximise your character's strength and weapon abilities
  • Challenge your friends with leaderboards and unlockable content
  • Be part of an evolving gameplay experience with regularly released new updates, features, and content. 

The Cabin is an intense and challenging game. Are you among the few that will survive? Gather supplies, arm up, and fight off waves of the walking dead that have escaped from an evil lab experiment. We expect you to die - a lot, each time you fall, you will earn XP to upgrade your character and weapons, making you stronger and bringing you one step closer to beating the game. Whether you play co-op or brave the horrors of hell solo -  Fight with a blade, bat or a variety of guns, power up and become a pro monster slayer. 

Can you hold off the horde before they breach the Cabin? Do you have what it takes to survive?

"Drop Dead: The Cabin – CoD: Zombies Meets Stranger Things" - Upload VR

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