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God Of War Ragnarök Deluxe Edition EU PS4 CD Key

Key activation
Release date: 09/11/2022


  • Base game
  • Darkdale Armour
  • Darkdale Attire (Cosmetic)
  • Darkdale Axe Grip
  • Darkdale Blades Handles
  • Dark Horse digital art book
  • Official digital soundtrack
  • PSN avatar set for PS4

Embark on an epic and heartfelt journey as Kratos and Atreus struggle with holding on and letting go

From Santa Monica Studio comes the sequel to the critically acclaimed God of War (2018). Fimbulwinter is well underway. Kratos and Atreus must journey to each of the Nine Realms in search of answers as Asgardian forces prepare for a prophesied battle that will end the world. Along the way they will explore stunning, mythical landscapes, and face fearsome enemies in the form of Norse gods and monsters. The threat of Ragnarök grows ever closer. Kratos and Atreus must choose between their own safety and the safety of the realms.


  • A future, unwritten
    Atreus seeks knowledge to help him understand the prophecy of “Loki” and establish his role in Ragnarök. Kratos must decide whether he will be chained by the fear of repeating his mistakes or break free of his past to be the father Atreus needs.
  • Instruments of war
    The Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos and Guardian Shield return alongside a host of new abilities for both Kratos and Atreus. Kratos’ deadly Spartan skills will be tested like never before as he battles gods and monsters across Nine Realms to protect his family.
  • Explore vast realms
    Journey through dangerous and stunning landscapes while facing a wide variety of enemy creatures, monsters and Norse gods as Kratos and Atreus search for answers.
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GoW is not only one of the best games of recent years but it is also an extremely good PC port of this game. And this is important because the not entirely successful ports of Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us cause that these games, despite being great, collect unfavorable opinions. GoW is a game refined in every aspect - there is nothing that is somehow super revealing but everything there is super tasty. A very good storyline, great combat system, semi-open world, great environment architecture, the right amount of side activities in this collectible make GoW a must-play game. I spent almost 50 hours in the game and it was a time without fatigue and without any bugs or game crashes. I recommend
Automatic translation
Going through God of War can evoke emotions such as excitement, immersion, horror, satisfaction and surprise. The series has the ability to draw players in and emotionally engage them, creating an unforgettable gaming experience
Automatic translation
The code worked perfectly. I received it instantly and redeemed it without any problems. I'm so happy and will love to try it out.
Automatic translation
Could not wait to play this game! Took a long time to get on steam but it was worth the wait!! My wife and I have really enjoyed it! She has already completed the game (not all side quests but the story) I fell in love with the story of a dad and son learning to live together.
Automatic translation
The game is on its level, it is one of the better games. The graphics are very good, story is amazing, overall is very good.