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Energy Island Corp. Steam CD Key

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Release date: 19/01/2022

In Energy Island Corp, you manage an electric grid on small islands. When you arrive on an island, there is only few inhabitants and no electric facilities.
It's your job to build a robust electric grid which can support the development of the island in every domain: tourism, industry, residential, commerce, ...

Every day starts with a preparation phase. You can construct new buildings, buy raw materials and manage different aspect of your grid.
When you're ready, the clock starts and you can see in real time, minute by minute the electricity quantity you produced and the electricity being consumed by the city.

It's important to produce enough electricity to match the demand and avoid power outage. On the other side, producing too much electricity will damage all your electric grid and waste a lot of money.

  • Make your own energy mix: Solar panels only produce when sun is up, oil generators are expensive to run, ... Each primary energy has its own characteristics, you must mix them to find the better balance.
  • Manage raw materials supply: Some buildings need resources (oil, coal, ...) to run. You must buy them at best price, and build infrastructure to store them.
  • Watch electricity production / consumption: Managing an electric grid is hard. Electricity is hard to store, consumption vary between consumption peaks and low demands periods. Adapt yourself and manage your grid with information you get from the production / consumption chart.
  • Seasons cycle:  Daytime is longer during summer, consumption rise during cold winter, adapt your electric grid and provide a stable electricity supply in all conditions !
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