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Gene Shift Auto - Deluxe Edition DLC Steam CD Key

Key activation
Requires the base game Gene Shift Auto on Steam in order to play.
Release date: 28/11/2022

Fight with guns and superpowers in this GTA-inspired PvPvE battle royale. Do missions and battle cops to level up randomly generated roguelike abilities. Each round lasts only 5 minutes, so you'll have to think fast to create a build that can win the final showdown!

The Deluxe Edition provides extra content without giving unfair pay to win advantages online. It includes the full single-player survival mode (including 4-player online co-op). It also gives more kill coins, bonus challenges, the ability to customize your skill build, private bot matches, exclusive cosmetics, and more!


  • Unlimited Survival Runs
    Play full survival runs with wacky difficulty modifiers, and test your skills in hardcore mode. Play single-player or in 4-player online co-op - your friends can join your co-op game even if they don't have the DLC!
  • Earn Coins From Winning
    At the end of each match, you'll earn extra kill coins based on your score. First place lets you earn +150 coins per game!
  • Extra Challenges
    Unlock 70 ridiculous challenges and an additional daily challenge slot.
  • +3000 Kill Coins
    Your account will get +3000 coins instantly.
  • Show Supporter's Medallion
    Show your support with the Supporter's medallion next to your name in the game and in leaderboards.
  • Skill Stats Tracking
    Progress your skill medals beyond level 4 up to level 20, to flex your most played skills.
  • Customize Your Skill Build
    Play with your favorite skill every game by ensuring that it appears at level 1 in the skill draft.
  • Create Private Bot Games
    Create local games of all game modes. Play vs bots with custom difficulty and 0 ping. Add a password and invite your friends for a private game.
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