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Spy Robot: Gateways To Humanity VR Steam CD Key

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This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.
Release date: 18/11/2022

Spy Robot: Gateways To Humanity is a single player action FPS game with hacking, stealth and flight elements in a procedurally generated cyberpunk world with VR support.

You are the Spy Robot flying on your trusty hoverbike to rescue the remains of the human race scattered throughout the galaxy and solve an ancient mystery.

Find the cryo chambers in every level and save them by shrinking them with your hacking tool and pick them up. If all chambers are destroyed or picked up the actual mission is completed.

Different hacks can be looted to help you

  • Shrink - Use it to shrink cryo chambers or enemies for 60 seconds and pick them up
  • Sleep - Send enemy robots for 60 seconds into sleep mode
  • Betrayal - Make enemy robots fight for you for 60 seconds
  • Logic Bomb - Let enemy explode after a short time

Weapon and tools can be found

  • Gravity gun - to move enemies out of the way
  • Gateway gun - to open new gateways at gateway nodes
  • Hack Tool - To upload your hacks to enemies or devices
  • Pistol - Simple but reliable
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