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Dead by Daylight - Resident Evil: PROJECT W Chapter DLC EU Steam CD Key

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Requires the base game Dead by Daylight on Steam in order to play.
Release date: 30/08/2022

Only those deemed worthy of Uroboros can achieve true potential. Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil: PROJECT W features a new Killer – Albert Wesker, The Mastermind – and new Survivors Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Purchasing this add-on unlocks an exclusive charm: Green Vial.


The Killer is Albert Wesker – The Mastermind–. A visionary as brilliant as he is ruthless, Albert Wesker’s strategic mind is unrivalled. While some plans require intellect, others call for brute force. Rush forward to seize Survivors in your grasp and give them the gift of Uroboros – a necessary step on the path to evolution.

Albert Wesker's Power: Rush

Special Ability – Virulent Bound: Charge your Bound Attack to launch forward and strike. If your Bound collides with a Survivor, they will be briefly seized and Infected with Uroboros.
From there, one of two situations will occur. The first: Wesker collides with a surface while holding a Survivor, and that Survivor becomes Injured. The second: Wesker collides with nothing and flings the Survivor forward – if they collide with a surface, they will become Injured.

Special Effect – Uroboros Infection: When a Survivor is hit by the Virulent Bound, they are infected by the Uroboros, and Hindered when fully infected. If Wesker hits a fully Infected Survivor with a Bound Attack, they will be instantly carried.

Albert Wesker comes with 3 new perks:

Superior Anatomy
After a Survivor performs a fast vault in your immediate vicinity, your next vault gains a significant speed boost.

Awakened Awareness
When carrying Survivors, the Auras of all Survivors in your Terror Radius will be revealed.

When the Exit Gates are powered, any Survivor injured, downed, or Hooked will become Broken until at least one of the Exit Gates are opened. Once the Endgame Collapse begins, the Broken Status Effect will linger for a duration.


The new survivor Ada Wong is dexterous and enigmatic. Ada’s survival skills make her a valuable ally, provided interests remain aligned.

Ada comes with 3 new perks:

After some Generator repair progress, gain the ability to install a Spy Trap that remains active for a duration. If the Killer enters the vicinity of a trapped Generator, their aura will be revealed to all Survivors.

Reactive Healing
When injured, gain an instant surge of Healing progress if the Killer injures another Survivor in your vicinity.

Low Profile
The moment you become the last Survivor standing, your Scratch Marks, Pools of Blood and grunts of pain are temporarily suppressed.


One of the new survivors is Rebecca Chambers. She leads by example when almost all seems lost, sometimes facing grave danger to assist her allies. Her medical brilliance keeps teammates alive and inspired, even if it puts her own safety at risk.

Rebecca comes with 3 new perks:

Better Than New
After Healing another Survivor, that Survivor gains an Action Speed boost to Healing, unlocking Chests, Blessing Totems and Cleansing Totems. That Survivor's Bonuses are retained until they are injured again.

Your presence calms those in The Entity’s clutches. While next to a Hooked Survivor, you can activate this Perk to pause their Struggle progression for a duration. Their Struggle Skill Checks also pause during this time.

The bonus progression for hitting a Great Skill Check is considerably increased, with each success granting a token. Each token increases the Skill Check frequency, cursor speed, and progress boost, putting those reflexes to the test.


Available with the purchase of the Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil: PROJECT W Chapter.

Progress will be achieved, and Uroboros is the key.



Additional content sold via the in-game store: the Resident Evil: PROJECT W Collection gives you other options to customize your character. It includes the following Legendary Sets* for Leon, Jill and Legion.

Legendary Survivor: Carlos Oliveira

An Umbrella mercenary with a troubled past. Carlos Oliveira is available as a Legendary Set for Leon S. Kennedy.

Legendary Survivor: Sheva Alomar

A member of BSAA on a mission to apprehend a black-market seller of Bio-Organic Weapons. Sheva Alomar is available as a Legendary Set for Jill Valentine.

Legendary Survivor: Hunk

Little is known of this Umbrella specialist, aside from his silent demeanor and cold efficiency in combat situations. Hunk is available as a Legendary Set for The Legion.

* Legendary Sets are the rarest cosmectic sets. They allow you to transform a character into a different one, inspired by legends of horror.

To fully enjoy the Resident Evil experience, be sure to take advantage of our new Resident Evil Collaboration Bundle. It includes the Resident Evil chapter, the Resident Evil: PROJECT W chapter, as well as the base game of Dead by Daylight.

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Sarah Gjern
Automatic translation
Its fun playing Meyers. And so friking fun seeing survivors jumbing when you come behind them and scare them. And the tombstone is way to fun to have.
Sarah Gjern
Automatic translation
The Character is fun but hard to learn. At least for me. Other might find her easy. But the survivor is fun. and really helpful when u are looking for totems and Gen :D
Automatic translation
A very interesting game, you have to learn a bit, but it's worth it in the end. It can be annoying to play survem solo and I still recommend playing it with a team of several friends.
Automatic translation
Great character DLC, love her. Fast delivery and easy activation. Would totally recommend to the Ring fans, she is well made.
[email protected]
Automatic translation
The game is good, but there are two big problems. First, the toxic players. Either playing killer or survivor, you will often be against toxic people who just ruins your game. The second problem are the DLCs. There are really too much of them, and you have the feeling of owning just the half of the game when you don't have any of them, because a lot of survivors and killers are locked.