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Rugby League Team Manager 2015 Steam CD Key

Rugby League Team Manager 3 Steam CD Key

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Release date: 28/05/2020

The biggest leagues and competitions. Rugby League Team Manager 3 gives you full control of managing your own Rugby League club. Training schedules, coaches, physios, scouting, finances, sponsors, facilities, and more. MUCH MORE!
Navigate your way through domestic campaigns and international competitions, within numerous leagues, in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, with over 7000 senior players to choose from!

We've gone crazy on this one and here is a list of what is ALL NEW.

  • New match engine with all new graphics and animation. Take control with more interactions than ever before.
  • Entirely new and redesigned User Interface. Very clean and modern with tooltips, help, and tutorials.
  • New manager types, styles, and attributes
  • New executive board evaluations
  • Canadian league
  • New player sales negotiations
  • New tactical options
  • New financial budgets
  • New seasonal players, attributes, kits, and badges
  • New seasonal leagues


  • Match engine
    Created from the ground up, using real-life animations and player movements, incorporating a host of tactical options in both attack and defense.

  • New User Interface
    A lively animated user interface makes navigating the game easy, as well as easy on the eye.

  • New manager attributes
    Managers now have a host of attributes like the players themselves, which combine to give an overall rating.

  • New executive board evaluations
    The executive board will now judge your managerial performance in many different ways. Only maintaining these levels will lead to your job security.

  • New Canadian league
    A new Canadian league is now included which competes with the American League in a promotional playoff at the end of the season.

  • New Player sales negotiations
    The sale of your own players can now be negotiated, so you can either play it safe and accept the early offers or hold out for a better deal.

  • New manager types
    The starting manager now has a variety of managerial types he can start as, each carrying bonuses in specific areas.

  • New tactical options
    As well as the Ad-Lib attack style, there are now Structured-Flexible and Structured-Rigid to choose from.

  • New financial budgets
    Clubs will now have budgets for payroll, transfers, and ground improvements. Over-spending budgets will not be taken lightly by the executive board.

  • New Database
    New imagery, attributes, kits, and badges. new leagues and participating clubs.

  • 226 Clubs
    Including clubs from both the northern and southern hemispheres.

  • Staffing and Facilities
    • Control all staffing, including Assistants, Coaches, Doctors & Physios
    • Upgrade facilities, including Stadium, Gym, Training Paddock, Track,
    • Kicking Enclosure, Tactical Briefing Room, Academy Clubhouse, Alliance
    • Clubhouse & Centre of Excellence

  • Players
    • Discover hidden talents among youth teams and work with Agents and
    • Scouts to deliver the best players to your club.
    • Featuring 7064 senior players and 1980 alliance players
    • Full 2D and 3D match engines with real-time interaction with your team

  • Game Database Editor
    Get closer to the simulation with the powerful customized game editor

  • Tournaments and Competitions
    • Work your way up the ladder, and lead your club out in the biggest tournaments in the world.
    • Up to 7 tiers of domestic promotion and relegation.
    • Experience the thrill of an international Club Series and also Cup competitions!
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