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Elemgate Steam CD Key

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This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.
Release date: 08/07/2022

While minding your own business exploring the universe you cross paths with a malevolent god who curses you and throws you down into a game of his own making.
Now he is forcing you to play his game for nothing more then his own amusement, all while he prepares for the destruction of the whole universe and has plans for you to be at the centre of it.

With no choose but to escape his grasp, you will need to complete levels giving him no choice but too think up more elaborate stages that will hopefully distract him enough too break his curse and ultimately the hold he has over you by this cursed element that he imposed upon you and give you the opportunity to escape.

Currently with 150 stages over 15 levels.
Completing 1 stage will earn a score based on time remaining before moving to the next stage.
Completing 5 stages, will reach a save point that will keep you score and lives left until the level is complete.
Completing 10 stages will finish the level and earn a star based on the total score of all ten stages.

Use the correct elements to activate gates and gain valuable time needed in order to survive, Using the wrong element rewards no time bonus and you risk being destroyed and remade over and over until the malevolent god grows bored with your efforts and your out of chances.

Elemgate is a challenging easy to learn and easy to play, on the later levels this will put your memory and hand-eye coordination to the test as you learn stages to get the best run possible to score high enough for gold.

There is also a practice mode, that will let you run any stage that you like and it will help you get passed any stage your having trouble with and you can also find
Easter eggs on each stage, you will need to find one on each stage of a level to get the achievement.

Keep an eye out for different types of warning lights that can give you an idea of the next few gates coming up when travelling fast and whether or not it needs to be jumped for or to stay low.

Pass through gates with the correct element to gain valuable time, some gates can be worth more then others.

Climb up and around ramps to maintain speed or slide back down if your the wrong element and lose time.

Activate different platforms in order jump higher then normal, some jumps you will need to use others might get you higher and to gates with more time.

In the later levels things get a little harder and you will need to use the 5th cursed element to activate gates, ramps, portals, etc.

and much more...

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