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Polda Steam CD Key

Polda 7 Czech Language Only Steam CD Key

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Release date: 14/04/2022

Polda Pankrác is returning for the seventh time. And it's a return as it should be. The Dark Lord Vedra's mysterious report and the spaceship crash will set off a carousel of events that only our elite detective Pankrác can solve. With grace of their own, they embark on the action and you can be sure that the safety of Mother Earth is in the best hands against the scumbag from space.

Do you know that it works better in two? For the first time in the series, Pankrác will not be on a mission alone. He will be accompanied by a sympathetic partner who, with the use of women's weapons and the grace of a cat, will intervene where only chaos and ruin would remain after the invasion of our Pankrác. The adventure takes our heroes to Celebritycon, a meeting of the biggest stars and brains on our planet. Do aliens want to kidnap the flowering of human society? What are the leaders of the world's great powers hiding from us? Is our civilization in danger, or is it all different?

Come with us to the action in a classic point-and-click adventure with stellar dubbing! Polda Pankrác is ready and in one hundred percent form! In a chair by the TV and with a beer in his hand.

  • Two-dimensional hand-painted stylized graphics
  • Top graphics and animation
  • More than 40 game screens and hundreds of items
  • Star dubbing - Luděk Sobota, Bohdan Tůma, Valerie Zawadská, Petr Rychlý and others
  • Game time 12-15 hours
  • Several action interludes (boxing, coin tossing, tractor starting and much more)
  • Pleasant game difficulty
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