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RuneScape 144-Day Prepaid Time Game Card

Key activation
Requires the base game RuneScape on Other in order to play.

Make sure to get your Gamecard for the MMO Runescape now and expand your playtime for 30 days - without the need to subscribe!

The MMO Runescape is set in the fantasy world of Gielinor. Players are free to explore the vast world as well as carry out quests, train skills, fight monsters, go on Raids or simply meet up with friends. Become a part of the strong Runescape community and experience fantastic adventures!

Your advantages as a member, compared to the basic version:

  • Exclusive access to membership areas and items
  • Over 400,000 hours of game play
  • Over 100 quests
  • 9 additional skills
  • 29 member only activities
  • Regular content updates
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So it's definitely an odd thing out the gate, you have to log into their dummy steam account and then log into runescape, but it's all legit. It's a random account with the pack purchased, you acquire it on login. Pretty sweet ty.
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First time doing this. Like others here, I found it sketchy the way the membership is activated. Took some extra steps to make sure my account is secure and unlinked the steam account also. A few minutes after I logged in, I received the 12 months of membership! So far so good. Will edit the review if anything changes in the future but for now, ill be enjoying my 12 months of membership!!!
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Wow, I was really skeptical at first, like super skeptical. I waited and waited and played for about 5 minutes and I didn't get it. But then I logged out and back in and, poof. It got added it, actually amazing. Thank you
Automatic translation
I have to admit that after the purchase I thought "oh god what did I get myself into here" because everything runs via an external Steam account and not, as assumed, simply with a key and that's it. But everything worked without complications. Now I'm just happy not to pay the almost 12€ per month now... 75 keys for RS3 and more importantly 12 months membership are included. for OSRS and RS3. That's 3.70 per month which is cheaper than any other Runescape price I've seen in the last 15 years. All the conclusions also generated so much rs3 gold that it was even enough for a 60M bond to help out my buddy's OSRS Ironman account. I am more than happy to have found this offer and can only recommend it (but not to many people. I would like to use it again next year ^_^)
Automatic translation
PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ARE PURCHASING! I hardly ever leave reviews but this is the one occasion where I absolutely will. As other reviews don't give out to much information and all point out that the activation method for this purchase is very unorthodox and seems quite sketchy. I was paranoid that the other reviews were bought to promote the selling of this product. But after purchasing myself and going through the process I came straight back here to say that it has indeed worked. Although I'm not quite sure how the process of logging into my Runescape account through the sellers Steam account gives my Runescape account all the benefits listed in the description. I do think a little more information from the seller could help with any scepticism that future buyers might have. But because I was paranoid and unsure how the process worked I triple checked my account was unlinked from Steam then changed my password afterwards. Here is some extra information I was able to find. -As long as your RS3 and OSRS account share the same email/account the Membership will be applied to both game accounts. -On RS3 if you already have the Premier Pack you will not receive the extra 100 bank spaces. -I also don't believe that the Premier Pack is included in this purchase only 1 Year of Membership.