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Xbox One
Xbox One
The Elder Scrolls Online + Summerset Upgrade EU Digital Download CD Key

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Standard Edition EU Digital Download CD Key

Key activation
Release date: 26/05/2020


  • Base game
  • Greymoor Upgrade


Begin the next chapter in the grandest of adventures. The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor takes you to the western part of Skyrim. Unravel the mystery of a Vampire Lord that brought a monstrous scourge upon Tamriel. Fight new and terrifying bosses, complete myriads of side quests, and don six new armor sets--in the cold and beautiful North.


  • Skyrim's Forgotten Past
    See Tamriel's northern region 1,000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Kyne's Aegis
    Take part in a new PvE trial, where up to 12 players team up defend a village from the invading Sea Giants.
  • Harrowstorms
    Supernatural world events transform anyone caught in them into a blood-thirsty monster. Stop them before it's too late!
  • Antiquities
    Become an archaeologist and excavate lost treasures of the ancients! Travel across the entire Tamriel to find them.
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I have played ESO since it’s day one release, back when it had a subscription. Thankfully, it no longer has that. I haven’t played in about a year so I’m looking forward to diving into this new expansion, I’m glad to see this game is still alive and well.
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Product key available immediatly and activated no problem. I recommend using a PC or laptop to activate. Key activation didnt work through Safari (I've had that problem before) but it still creates some anxiety!
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Worked fine - as promised crown items required were delivered within 24 hours. Good option if you don't need the items immediately.
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A great DLC, the breton themed lands, armor and quests are top notch! A delightful excursion from deadric threats with a more grounded bit of storytelling.
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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, released on April 4, 2014 for Mac and Windows, and June 9, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is also releasing on June 16, 2020 on Google Stadia. Good game!