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PlayStation 4
God of War Steam Account

God of War Steam CD Key

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Release date: 14/01/2022

Experience the epic saga of Kratos in a realm steeped in Norse mythology with God of War, now available with our Steam CD Key. Once a vengeful god seeking retribution against the Gods of Olympus, Kratos now navigates a harsh Norse world of gods and monsters as a man. In this unforgiving landscape, he must not only fight for his survival but also impart his knowledge to his son, Atreus, teaching him the ways of survival in a dangerous world.

Secure your Steam CD Key now and delve into the captivating world of God of War, where gods, monsters, and the weight of a father's legacy converge. Are you ready to face the challenges of the Norse realm and witness Kratos' evolution in this visually stunning and emotionally charged epic? The journey awaits.


  • Enter the Norse Realm: Leave the world of Olympus behind and embark on a new journey in the realm of Norse Gods and monsters. Traverse through gritty forests, towering mountains, and dark caves inspired by pre-Viking Norse lore. Encounter a new pantheon of creatures, monsters, and gods in this distinct and visually stunning realm.
  • Grasp a Second Chance: Kratos, now a father again, takes on the role of mentor and protector to Atreus. Navigate the challenges of guiding a son who is determined to earn his respect while dealing with the rage that has defined Kratos for so long. Witness the evolution of Kratos as he faces the trials of fatherhood in a perilous world.
  • Journey to a Dark Elemental World: Explore a world filled with fearsome creatures, from the ornate columns of Olympus to the gritty landscapes of Norse mythology. Immerse yourself in a narrative that unfolds in a visually rich environment, bringing the lore to life with grandiosity and intensity.
  • Visceral, Physical Combat: Engage in visceral combat with an over-the-shoulder camera that brings you closer to the action than ever before. Face a pantheon of Norse creatures in battles that are grand, gritty, and grueling. Experience the defining spirit of the God of War series with a new main weapon and abilities that forge new ground in the genre.
  • PC Features:
    • High Fidelity Graphics: Enjoy striking visuals enhanced on PC with true 4K resolution on supported devices. Unlocked framerates provide peak performance, while a wide range of graphical presets and options, including higher resolution shadows and improved reflections, allow you to tailor the game's visuals to your preferences.
    • NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex Support: Harness the power of NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) to boost frame rates and generate sharp images on select Nvidia GPUs. Utilize NVIDIA Reflex low latency technology for responsive gameplay on GeForce GPUs.
    • Controls Customization: Play your way with support for DUALSHOCK 4, DUALSENSE wireless controllers, a variety of gamepads, and fully customizable bindings for mouse and keyboard. Fine-tune every action to match your playstyle.
    • Ultra-wide Support: Immerse yourself in panoramic widescreen visuals with 21:9 ultra-widescreen support. Journey through the Norse realms with breathtaking vistas, expanding the original seamless theatrical vision for a cinematic gaming experience.
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God of War is an astounding achievement in gaming, blending intense, visceral combat with a deeply emotional narrative. The journey of Kratos and his son Atreus is captivating, set against a breathtaking backdrop of Norse mythology. The seamless, single-shot camera enhances immersion, while the richly detailed environments and epic boss battles showcase the PS5's power. This game masterfully combines storytelling, exploration, and action, making it a must-play masterpiece for any gamer.
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This game has great graphics and an even better story. The gameplay is fun and allows for many different playstyles. Def recommend
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GoW is not only one of the best games of recent years but it is also an extremely good PC port of this game. And this is important because the not entirely successful ports of Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us cause that these games, despite being great, collect unfavorable opinions. GoW is a game refined in every aspect - there is nothing that is somehow super revealing but everything there is super tasty. A very good storyline, great combat system, semi-open world, great environment architecture, the right amount of side activities in this collectible make GoW a must-play game. I spent almost 50 hours in the game and it was a time without fatigue and without any bugs or game crashes. I recommend
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Going through God of War can evoke emotions such as excitement, immersion, horror, satisfaction and surprise. The series has the ability to draw players in and emotionally engage them, creating an unforgettable gaming experience
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The code worked perfectly. I received it instantly and redeemed it without any problems. I'm so happy and will love to try it out.