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R-Naught Steam CD Key

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Release date: 23/11/2021

Several years into a pandemic, everyone is still in lockdown. Nature is reclaiming the earth as huge corporations profit from those stuck at home. Your sister goes missing amidst an epidemic of cryptids. The government seems to be involved, but no one knows where the conspiracies start and the truth ends...

R-Naught is a solo-developer project. A cheeky horror / sci-fi story set to a high-energy soundtrack with a familiar mix of traditional JRPG elements.


  • Level up / skills-earning system
  • Battle party management
  • Rich, compelling story where actions affect dialog
  • Original soundtrack
  • Quest system
  • Bosses, minibosses, and wacky battle mechanics
  • A slew of unique enemies, battle moves, and items to collect
  • Branching storylines with multiple endings
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