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Gil's Lucid Dreams Steam CD Key

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Release date: 17/10/2017

This is not a jumpscare game.
NOTE: The price will change when new features are added (save, load game etc.)

Put yourselfe into the clothes of Gil, a young employee with a big power: take controll of his dreams. It looks like a innocuous power, but earlier we will realise it can be a dangerous double-edged weapon.

Our main character it's an admirer of the peacefull life. He has some common objectives to reach, like purchase a house and to create a family.
But something is changing in himselfe. An unconscious and apparently unknown side of him stop to be repressed and goes to surface.

Discover what is afflicting him until to force him to live a life so tormented that he cannot sleep quietly.

The School has always been her nightmare!

The lucidity is the key to be safe: this is all you need to know.

  • Gil's lucidity is corrupted by some dark entities from his uncoscious: keep him safe retaining his mind lucid and the interior fight will end finely
  • Gil must deal with some stormy episodes of his past. Trace the reasons why a repressed side of him is going to the surface, unraveling step by step his story.
  • Solve puzzles to reconstructing Gil's personality, it will be essential to fight with his dark side.
  • Gil's life depends on taking pills: without them, he can't sleep and he could become foolish.
  • Suggestive enviroment, studied to get the player afraid. low visibility and bad feelings are dangerous enemies
  • Gil is actualy losing his mind. His unsatisfaction is corroding his lucidity. His unique way to be safe is to dream what he likes. But when also what you dream become a nightmare, what can you do?
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