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Release date: 17/08/2017

Postmen of Horizon is an interactive visual novel about the near future where you will be asked to live a few days as different characters.

Seemingly it`s not too distant future, but so much has changed… Only people stayed the same.

Seraphim - (the main character) works in a modest firm. It sends people`s letters to their dead relatives. Some do it because they feel guilty, some just miss their relatives, and others send letters to say what they`ve been meaning to for a long time. The messages are delivered by messengers of the horizon — suiciders who have nothing left to do but die. Some do it in exchange for a fancy funeral, others to give their family a happy life. Nothing foretold upcoming changes in Seraphim`s life but something inside him clicked. His outlook on life changed and he saw it in a new light…

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