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Buy Tyranny - Tales from The Tiers DLC Steam CD key

Buy Tyranny - Tales from The Tiers DLC Steam CD key

Region free
Requires the base game Tyranny on Steam in order to play.
Requires the base game Tyranny on Steam in order to play.
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Release date: 13/06/2017

Tales from The Tiers expands your journey through the war-torn world of award-winning role-playing game Tyranny, with new travel map events, encounters, and side stories. Outwit hostile ambushes, patronize or plunder traveling merchants, and use your skills to navigate the perils of a land plagued by magical Edicts in a series of episodes that offer new insights, new items, and new challenges on your journey. Whether you’re new to Tyranny or playing an existing savegame, Tales from The Tiers lets you take an even deeper dive into the saga of Tyranny.

Alongside Tales from the Tiers, Paradox Interactive is proud to announce a free update for all Tyranny owners, which includes more ways for players to explore the game's many events and outcomes.


    New Travel Events:
    Random encounters while traveling may lead to new quests, or new events focused on companions and new NPCs

    Expanded Story:
    Learn more about the people and places of the Tiers with more than 40 vignettes to encounter on your journey.

    New items:
    Find over a dozen new items and countless new ways to gain loyalty and fear with your companions and the factions of Tyranny.

    More Replay Options:
    A free patch adds New-Game-Plus mode and character re-spec options for an easier way to explore other plot lines.

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