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Buy Galactic Junk League - Starter Pack DLC Activation Key

Buy Galactic Junk League - Starter Pack DLC Activation Key

Region free
Requires the base game Galactic Junk League on Other in order to play.
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Release date: 17/01/2017

Galactic Junk League is a competetive free-to-play Crafter Arena - a shooter mixed with almost infinite ship building possibilities. 
Build anything. Fight anyone. In space.


  • 5 unlockable classes with unique fighting styles and build options
  • 3 unique multi-level weapon systems (Rockets, Lasers, Gauss)
  • class-specific abilities
  • 4 different maps, each with unique play style
  • infinite number of possible ship designs thanks to vast building options and mirror mode
  • high level of replayability 
  • revamped skill-based matchmaking with players from all around the world!
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