The Walking Dead 400 Days Release!

The Walking Dead 400 Days releases this week!

The Walking Dead name may have been slightly tainted by the awful The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct but thankfully Telltale Games vision of the post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak lives on. Just a disclaimer don’t worry I won’t spoil anything.

So let me just say if you haven’t played the original 5 episodes of The Walking Dead go do so now, it is a triumph in videogame storytelling and the plaudits it receives are rightly deserved. The original follows the story of Lee and Clementine that meet rather unexpectedly but I don’t to go any further because it is something that needs to be experienced first-hand, it really is quite something.

Onto 400 Days now, it was first announced at E3 as a kind of filler between Season 1 and 2. In classic Walking Dead style the DLC will draw on your decisions from Season 1 and the choices you make in the DLC will affect Season 2 (still following?). 400 days is broken into 5 different stories all of them focussing on different characters: Vince, Shel, Bonnie, Russel and Wyatt.

400 days is set to release THIS Wednesday! I never would have thought it would be so closely released to the E3 announcement. Though it is worth noting if you want to play the DLC you need to own at least the first episode of season 1. No problem if don’t own it you can pick it up off of Kinguin for a great price and as I said in the first paragraph if you haven’t played it go do it now in time for the DLC tomorrow and have yourself a great time experiencing one of the greatest game story’s ever crafted and the some of the most interesting characters ever realised; Some of which you’ll love, others you will hate with every fibre of your being.