Defeat The Wild Hunt with Natsumiii!

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What can you get?

In a world suffused with magic there’s no place for heroes! This world needs a Professional! Geralt of Rivia goes hunting again, although that is not the main purpose of his journey… He’s about to find his step-daughter, Ciri, and she, just like most of teenagers, is in real trouble. The titular Wild Hunt is after her… Become the White Wolf and save her!

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Natsumiii is a League of Legends streamer, but before that, when she appeared on the LoL scene for the first time, she was a parody song writer and singer.
When she is not playing LoL, she’s into cute indie games or just the opposite, she is a zombie slayer! She loves her followers: “My panda army community is the most friendly in all of twitch so if you visited, you'd have a fun time interacting with them.” – she claims.

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Defeat The Wild Hunt with Natsumiii!

Winner will be announced on 9th of July.

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