A Decade of World Of Warcraft

Probably even your best friend's girlfriend is impatient for the upcoming release of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Dreanor and the the so long waited Patch 6.0.2 which is already a fact. 

This pre-expansion update introduces so much new content and features to the original game that it's hard to imagine what the real expansion will bring to us in less than month.

The new WoW expansion will be available almost 10 years after the first World of Warcraft was released and the evolution is more than obvious.

The coolest thing to start with is that you'll have a level cap of 100 and an option for immediate boost to level 90 which will help all newcomers fit easily in quests and raids originally created for veterans. Some of the useless (or the not so oftenly used, if you please) abilities will be removed while others will be changed in order to improve the gameplay .

The patch will deliver new high-quality graphic models and motion animation to some of the original characters like the dwarf, draenei, gnome, human, night elf, orc, tauren, troll and some extra facial customisation options ( spending 20 minutes customising a character's face which you'll never see again has never been so joyful). As the patch is a precursor to the Warlord expansion it features some pre-launch content that will give the chance to taste what's coming up.

Another wise decision was the so called "stats squish" which will simplify the combat statistics in the game by proportionally replacing all huge game numbers. For example your attack damage will be decreased from 1000 to 100, but it still take 10% of an enemy's health if his total life which originally was 10 000, but now is changed to 1000.
Valor and justice points are removed from the game and if you had any of those you'll be compensated with gold.

Believe it or not,but by purchasing their new Battle Chest, Blizzard you will give you the original World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria ALL TOGETHER. Huge shock, I know.
The gaming societies comment is that "this is the best way to put gamers from different generations together". A huge reverence to the fans or a clever marketing maneuver - only time will show.

If you can't wait to arise a 90lvl champion and take command on Draenor, purchase the expansion on the lowest price now.