The end is in near are you ready?

Greetings, Traveller.

Long enough have we defended against the Legion. For over 10000 years they have tried to ravage our world, to destroy what we love and turn it into a fel-green wasteland. Countless heroes fought and died arm by arm, doing everything they could to stop them from destroying their homes, families and the Azeroth itself.

But their sacrifice wasn't in vain.
The Burning Crusade will soon be over!

With your help, we did the seemingly impossible and brought the war to their homeworld. No more defense. Now we shall lead the vanguard on Argus, destroy the looming threat of the Fallen Titan and finally reclaim our home!.

Be wary, hero. Before we begin our assault, we need to make sure that the armies of Legionfall are ready. There is no room for mistakes now, as even the slightest one may mean the end of all we have ever fought for.

So, what are you waiting for?

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