Winners of The Best Game of 2013 Contest

First of all we want to thank to all voters. For sure it wasn't easy to decide what game was the best. This was fantastic year for gamers and game developers done their best to bring you hours of fun and excitement.

Let's start from the last place. But remember - this is the top 10 - so here is no losers.

10th place
Need For Speed: Rivals

Fast cars and perfect roads, what do you need more?
You can be a cop. You can be a criminal. But you love speed. You NEED FOR SPEED!

9th place

Well this game had little servers problems on release, but hey, do you know better economy simulator?
Every decision, big or small, has real consequences. If you are planning to have own city in future - this is a game for you.

8th place

Once, when I was playing this game on big screen in living room my father-in-law came in.
He was watching the game for 15 minutes and almost had heart attack when I paused it to go to toilet.
He was really thinking that this was real match!

7th place
Total War: Rome II

The game was a commercial success, surpassing all other games in Total War in both sales and number of concurrent players on its release day. You don't know why? You will have to try it - no words can describe magnificently of Roman Legions.

6th place
Payday 2

You want next gen console but you can't decide whitch one? No problem - buy them all! You don't have money? This game will teach you how to get them in easy way ;)

5th place
Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is probably only female character that have smaller breasts in each new game:) I think this is the only reason why this game is not no.1 on the list. Perfect story, beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay - this game have everything.

4th place
Call Of Duty: Ghosts

You should never change winning team squad. New CoD however changed gameplay by adding new team member. You can make fun of the Dog (yes, with capital letter) but he is one of the most lethal weapons I've ever seen.

3th place
Assassins Creed 4 IV: Black Flag

Assassins & pirates. Perfect combination. I really love the way where this series is going.

2nd place
BioShock Infinite

I've never played better film before. Or better book. This is not a game anymore. This is one of most addictive story I've ever seen/played/read. Someday in the future, you will be sitting near your fireplace and will be telling about this game to your grandchildren.

1st place
Battlefield 4

And finally, our winner. First time I really enjoyed campaign in BF game. Really. And multiplayer? Fast, loud, powerful. This game brings new level of FPS gaming.

And now the most important part - winners:

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