Regarding Wildstar Activation Difficulties

Here are a couple of solutions for common Wildstar activation issues you might have experienced before the Headstart this Saturday.

Error ''This serial code has expired.''

You are most likely receiving this error because you are logging into your NC Account from the wrong NCSOFT website. After the maintenance of 05/28/14, you must now manage WildStar game accounts and codes directly from the official WildStar website link If you log in from the main NCSOFT website and try and apply a WildStar code, you will get the error that the code is expired.

Complete Instructions:

1. Go to the official website: and click on the Login button at the top of the page.
2. Log into your NC Account from here instead of the regular NCSOFT website. The login information is the same.
3. Click on the APPLY A CODE tab at the top of the page.

4. Enter your code in the field.

If you still continue to get an error that the code is expired when you follow these instructions, it is possible that the code is an old beta weekend event code that is now expired. If you are sure your code is a WildStar pre-order code and are still getting the expired error, please contact WildStar Support.


No Link to Download Client in Account Management

If you do not have the option to download the game from within your account management page, this is usually attributed to not having a pre-order or pre-purchase code applied to your account. Once you apply a pre-order/pre-purchase code to your account, the option to download the game client will become available. Beta-only accounts no longer have access to WildStar as beta is over. We have also heard reports that players who have added a pre-order code also don’t see the download link. This has been reported and is being worked on.


You can download the game client from here:


Please keep in mind, if you download the client from the link above, you will still be required to have at least a pre-order or have pre-purchased the game to login and play.

For more information or other problems you encounter please check the Wildstar support page at