WEEKLY GIVEAWAY: Buy games and skins, win valuable CS:GO items!

Kinguin has a special treat for CS:GO players making purchases at our store. Now, every time when you buy anything, you get extra entries for the prize draw, that increases your chance to win in our giveaway.

The prize: skins of 100 EUR value
Every week a new valuable skin is added to the prize pool!

Get entries, increase chance to win

How does it all work? The mechanics are really simple:

1. Join our weekly giveaway HERE
2. Buy anything at Kinguin.net
3. Get additional entries for the prize draw, increasing your chance to win
4. Win valuable skins!

The prize is going to be sent straight to your Steam account, so make sure to qualify it to trade items and set your Steam Inventory to public.

Rules of engagement

- You get entries for every purchase at Kinguin.net or skins.Kinguin.net.
- Each order can be converted into entries only once.
- Buying CS:GO skins and cases gets you 3x more entries.
- Orders made between Monday and Friday get you 2x more entries.
- Sharing your participation info on social media via the giveaway app DOUBLES your entries.

And the most important: all bonuses accumulate. It means that you can get 3x as many entries by getting a skin case, THEN 2x more if you buy it on Monday, THEN double all of it by sharing the post on social media!

Go to the WEEKLY GIVEAWAY PAGE now and start winning valuable skins.