Week of Titanfall V - Weapons Review part 1

Titanfall servers are working like a charm and most release problems have been already solved (has EA learned something?). That finally gave us time for a closer look at weapons.

Each Pilot and Titan in the game can carry a different set of weapons. Choosing best weapons, that will suit your style is crucial when you plan to kill and not get killed.

The first kind of weapons is the Pilots' long firearms. We can choose from 10 weapons:

R-101C Carbine - this will be the favourite weapon of all newbies. Surprisingly, you can get a really nice score with it. Even if the damage is not so high compared to other weapons it is catching up to the rate of fire. Unfortunately the recoil will be a problem, so if you want to stick to this weapon, upgrade it with antirecoil system.

Smart Pistol Mk5 - this is most controversial gun in this game. And probably in the whole history of FPS games. Either you will hate it or love it. This weapon works great against AI enemies, but fighting one on one against other Pilot armed with a standard gun you will probably lose. Personally I really like this gun and I would only suggest to upgrade the aiming speed and damage.

EVA-8 Shotgun - it is available from the very beginning and ignored by most of the players. It depends on your style - forget about parkour, because it is useless even on medium distances. However, if you run through corridors and buildings, you will be like a Gulliver in the land of Lilliputs.

R-97 Compact SMG - next close range weapon. This is one of the fastest weapons in the game, but you have to shoot the whole clip to kill one enemy. IMO - if you prefer close combat, choose the Shotgun.

Longbow-DMR Sniper - I like to play as a sniper but I can't stand this "pop gun". It is like the automatic sniper rifle from Battlefield, but it does not have enough power. One bullet won't be enough to kill an enemy and you don't have a chance to fire the second one - either the enemy is too far and will run away, or is too close and will kill you before you reload. Scrap.

G2A4 Rifle - three times better than Longbow-DMR Sniper. But still 3 x 0 = 0. It deals more damage but you can order a pizza, eat it and go to toilet while reloading. It takes way too long - the tempo of the game is to high for it.

C.A.R. SMG - provides a balance between medium and long range. Not that high fire ratio but more accurate than a typical rifle.

Hemlok BF-R - Compared to the R-101C Carbine, the BF-R is better suited to long-range engagements, being not as suited to close quarters due to its lack of full auto fire.

Kraber-AP Sniper - finally a weapon for hardcore snipers. One-shot-one-kill weapon but useful only on extra long distances. But the main question is: why would you like to play as a sniper in Titanfall?

Spitfire LMG - 80 powerful bullets in a clip. It has high recoil at first, but it eventually stabilizes into a tighter firing pattern. Due to its unique recoil, players are advised to ignore the traditional method of firing in short bursts, and rather fire in long bursts for increased effectiveness. It is one of the most useful guns to use when rodeoing a Titan, as it takes less than one clip to fully destroy it.

Of course each weapon has upgrades and may be adjusted to your style of playing. Tomorrow we will take closer look at the armaments of the Titan.

Do you have already your favourite weapons? Share in comments.