Week of Titanfall III - the game review

I love FPS games, and I'm a demanding player. I can't stand that every Call of Duty is the same, that Global Offensive is just 1.6 in better graphics, the endless DLCs, and the pay2win model in Battlefield (Premium). Now I have spent 3 nights in a row playing Titanfall trying to reveal that this game is also bad. But no mather how hard I tried I couldn't.

Don't get me wrong - this game is not perfect. But it has great potential to become a 10/10 FPS.

I could start this review with a bunch of bare facts like:

In this multiplayer shooter we have two ways of playing: as an infantry soldier (the Pilot) or as a Mech (the Titan). We have over a dozen maps and several game modes. We can upgrade our equipment to fit our style of playing and ... blah blah blah

No, this game is different. It is hard to describe the adrenaline rush that you are experiencing before game starts. The moment when I destroyed  the opponent's titan with my bare hands for the first time was like jumping into a pool filled with cocaine. Never tried cocaine, and I don't want to, but this is how I imagine the feeling. I even sang "WHO IS THE F..KING WINNER" to the melody of "Drunken Sailor". And then I got killed for the 14th time. Damn it...

When I died - because an opponent had summoned his titan to fall directly on my head; and  when I had fun unlocking new achievements; and when I was gaining upgrades I needed; and when I never get lost on the maps I've never seen before; I couldn't believe that developers could manage so many elements and don't break the balance of the game. You won't experience wandering, confusion in the upgrade system or very slow reloading of the magazine. Every single death is only your fault - you either didn't have a plan how to enter the battlefield or you missjumped from one rooftop to another. Even the HUD it made in such a way that it displays everything that we need to know at exact moment without distracting us from the real battle.

This game will crush you, and it does not forgive. But it also gives you a chance to survive more than 3 seconds without a headshot just after respawning. Some might complain that there are only 6v6 battles and, since maps are not that small, while running around we can arrive somewhere where nothing happens because the main fight is a bit farther. But such empty places are the only moments when we can stop and think about our next move - the rate of exchanging fire in the center of the field rarely gives us time for it.

And you have to think - this is not a single player game. The most important fact is that owning a Titan doesn't give you a clear advantage. Of course Mechs are more resistant and can smash the infantry with one stomp while firing a salve of missiles but the 'ants' are not defenseless.

Pilots not only have 'go-away-titan' weapons, but thanks to their mobility, can take advantage of a moment of distraction and jump onto the back of the battlemachine and eliminate it from the fight with a precise shot in the cables. Despite the physical advantage over the pilots, both "forms of life" are well balanced. This is not a choice between a better or worse chance of gaining new frags, but between two completely different ways of playing. In short - but not precisely - the player chooses between strength and firepower of a Titan, and the flexibility and mobility of a Pilot.

The choice isn't easy. The mobility is crucial to have a chance on the battlefield. When you play as a pilot you will discover that you have to learn a completely new way of moving around the map. This game is closer to Ricoshet from Valve than to BF or CoD. Jet belts gives you the possibility to double jump and to do amazing parkour tricks. The maps are so well-designed that there is always a wall to run on and surprise an enemy by jumping from above him. And even if you are on a certain map for the first time you will never feel lost.

You can feel that this game was designed for hardcore gamers, but - the "true gamers" now have to take deep breath - it doesn't smash newbies just because they had the courage to buy it and login. But don't get to excited, newbies - you will be smashed. But you will receive a few seconds of life more than when you first logged to CoD. Firstly - the aforementioned empty spots on maps. Secondly - disposable upgrade cards that will hide your weakness at the beginning.

The only reason why this game won't receive the highest note are the game modes. After all those new gameplays and tactics, Respawn Entertainment gives us old-fashioned Domination and Capture the Flag. It pains me that they didn't prepare at least one original game mode. Probably the game is supposed to become the new e-sport icon like it is CS 1.6, and that's why they didn't want to rewrite all rules from scratch but the bad aftertaste remains. And releasing new game modes as paid DLCs may discourage some players.

Time will show if Titanfall will attract the crowd. For now, this game will receive 9,3/10. Now, if you'll forgive me, I'm going to send some Titans to the scrapyard.

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And what are your first observations? Do you like the way where the FPS genre is going? Share in comments.