Week of Titanfall II - Why I need 50 GB free space on HDD?

We finally know the exact system requirements for Titanfall. And here is the question - why does the XBox One version need only 17GB space hard drive when the PC one requires almost three times more?

It was explained by Richard Baker, the chief engineer in the Respawn Entertainment studio. It turns out that we not have the high resolution textures to blame but... uncompressed sound files. The decision not to compress the files was made to prevent problems on slower PCs.

“When you download the game or the disc itself, it’s a lot smaller than that (...) We have audio we either download or install from the disc, then we uncompress it. We probably could have had audio decompress off disc but we were a little worried about min spec and the fact that a two-core machine would dedicate a huge chunk of one core to just decompressing audio. (...) So… it’s almost all audio… On a higher PC it wouldn’t be an issue. On a medium or moderate PC, it wouldn’t be an issue, it’s that on a two-core [machine] with where our min spec is, we couldn’t dedicate those resources to audio.” - Richard Baker Respawn lead engineer


OS Windows Vista SP2 64-bit / Windows 7 SP1 64-bit / Windows 8 64-bit
CPU AMD Athlon X2 2,8 GHz / Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 4770 with 512 MB RAM or better / Nvidia GeForce 8800GT with 512 MB RAM or better
Memory 4 GB RAM
Network 512 kbps down and 384 kbps up or faster

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