Watch Dogs Pre-Orders Situation Release Day

It is the release day of one of the most awaited games this year - Watch Dogs. Here is the current situation.

Keys are being sent out all day and the process will be fully completed today. The release is so big that it couldn't go without any problems. If you happen to experience such a problem, here is what you can do to help us solve it as soon as possible.

- If you order is with status ''Processing:Preorder'' it means that your order is currently being processed and you will receive your key soon.

- If, for some reason, you have received only the DLC so far, you will receive the game as well TODAY. There is no need to create a ticket for that.

- If you have received a wrong version of the game (for example in different language), you will also receive the game you have paid for TODAY.

- If you have already created a ticket to our support, please do NOT create any additional tickets, or it will only delay their reply.

 Thank you for your cooperation and excuse us for the inconvenience.