Walking Dead: Season 2 Trailer

Now the Walking Dead might be a series you all know and love (or hate), but this isn't news about THAT series. TellTale Games released the trailer for the Walking Dead: Season Two a few days back.

It's a direct sequel to the Walking Dead game, also developed by TellTale Games. The original game followed the story of Lee Everett, a convicted prisoner. In the first chapter he encounters Clementine, a little girl who's hidden herself from the zombie invasion inside a treehouse. They team up and (depending on the player's choices) may form a father-daughter bond. For the game's episodes she sticks  with Lee, through zombie invasions, cannibal farmers and bandits, until she goes missing. Lee, already being attached to her goes to find and save her from a crazed person. Lee is infected and is left to be turned into a "walker" (zombie), or shot to death by Clementine to keep him from turning. In the end, she sees several unnamed survivors, and is now revealed to have teamed up with them and kept on living in the apocalyptic world. 

Nearly nothing is known of the game at this moment, but TellTale Games revealed that it will follow the same episode-format of the original game, with 5 episodes coming out. More information will be released when the release date nears...