Kinguin Shows Gamers Some Love

New matching app pairs gamers with games for a true love connection.

We all want to believe that our perfect match is out there. Kinguin believes that’s also true for games. So the company created Kinger -- a way for gamers to find their perfect matches.

Kinger works just like a dating app. If somebody like a game, they select the heart (swipe right), if they don’t, they click the X (or swipe left). Of course, if it’s love at first sight, the gamer can click the thunder heart button and the game will be added instantly to his or her cart so that their happily ever after can begin immediately.  

“This may not solve any major global crises,” admitted Kinguin Chief Marketing Officer, Giovanni Varriale. “But if we can make life a little bit better for gamers, we think the whole world will be a happier place.”

Customers will find major releases and indie productions, as well as pre-orders are already waiting to find their soulmates’ disk drives at

“The goal is to bring together gamers and games in a fun and affordable way,” added Varriale. “Gamers have been asking the industry to show some love, and we took them quite literally. Kinger is the result of days of customer research and development.”

About Kinguin
Founded in 2013, Kinguin has fast become one of the largest alternative marketplace for games and software, with more than 7 million loyal customers globally. Kinguin’s mission is to enhance gamers’ experiences anywhere and anytime. Visit and for more information.