Uplay Joins Us in the 21st Century!

Uplay finally added the option to add games to your library just by adding the key, Steam style. A much welcome addition I’m sure we would all agree.  

Along with the easier activation, there have been some other overhauls. There has been an interface redesign; along with an overall darker style the individual game pages show more important information including DLC and the like. The win page has also been entirely overhauled.

Another thankful addition is the easy way to set the destination for your game downloads as well as also being able to delete all unneeded installation files. On the subject of downloads the download list is a lot better now, it is available from the menu bar and it makes keeping track of your downloads a lot easier.

Uplay games that are purchased on Steam now also show alongside all other Uplay games to make it a lot more unified. Also when launching from steam the game will now start within Uplay PC and if your account is set to auto login it will be pretty much seamless so no more having to go through two launchers.

It seems though from the comments there are a lot of problems though mainly with the trouble of being able to log in though these should hopefully be sorted soon, just usual teething problems.