More than 70 games, apps, e-books and soundtracks from TopWare Interactive are available now in the Kinguin Indie Valley store

Legendary publisher and developer, TopWare Interactive, joins with Indie Valley to offer a diverse portfolio of games and products, all previously unavailable on the platform. We are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of TopWare Interactive with a huge, exclusive sale, containing both their old-school classics and newest releases.

The newest sale on Indie Valley and includes the biggest, most popular games from TopWare Interactive, all at incredibly low prices! The following games are currently on sale for under 1 EUR: The Two Worlds franchise, The Earth 21x0 series, Jagged Alliance 2, Enclave, Jack Orlando, Dream Pinball 3D and Battle vs. Chess! Not only will the TopWare sale offer exclusive game content, like DLCs, bundles and limited collector’s editions, including GOTY editions and Season Passes, TopWare Interactive is our first partner to introduce digital goods of a different kind:

“TopWare Interactive is the first publisher on Indie Valley and to enrich the marketplace with soundtracks, e-books, and strategy guides. It’s a special moment for our store, as this collaboration with the creators of cult classics like the Two Worlds and Earth 21x0 series is not only a nod to retro gaming fans, but also the start of an intensive process of widening what we offer. Our goal is to implement solutions that will make it easier for gamers to access attractive content, and increase the efficiency of distribution for the developers.”

- Dominik Głowacki, Head of Indie Valley Store

This ongoing Topware Interactive sale serves as a welcome surprise for fans of retro gaming, and thanks to our partnership, gamers can replay old-school hits from the turn of the century using modern gaming PCs.

"In celebrating our 30th anniversary, we wanted to give players and fans the opportunity to complete their collection for as little money as possible. In addition to classics from our Replay Now series, we are pleased to make current titles like TWII: Call of the Tenebrae and Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry available to the wide audience of the Kinguin network. We can’t wait to cooperate on future sales and deals for our upcoming titles, like Two Worlds II: Shattered Embrace, Dream Pinball 3D II and Two Worlds III!”

- Alexandra Constandache, CEO TopWare Interactive