Titanfall Matchamaking Update

Respawn has admitted on their official webpage that Titanfall has a problem with ''a lack of variety in the teams'' and has issued an update fixing this problem. They also promise to keep a close eye on game balance and refine things as needed to make everyone's experience the best that they can.

Two main changes were announced:

1. Searching for teammates and opponents might take a bit more time but will make better teams and better matches.
2. The game will periodically split the fighting teams appart and will look for new opponents with similar skills for each team.

Titanfall was realeased earlier this month and already several updates were made, including new innovative anticheat update, a ballance update and the Gooser challenge fix. Developers promise to improve game's balance and make everybody's experience the best they can.

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Do you think Respawn can fully satisfy Titanfall players soon? What else needs to be improved in the game?