All Pre-Orders For The Sims 4 Are Sent Out

All keys for The Sims 4 pre-orders were sent out! Thank you for choosing our service!

Here are Kinguin's first impressions of the game, if you have missed Gordon's steam last night on

"I started with 9 family members. Two are ghosts (locked in the bedroom without possibility to sleep), one has tombstone (locked in 1x1 room), three are cremated (one forced to watch kinguintv in the toilet, one tried to break the walls to free his friend, one couldn't escape the endless bath because he was surrounded by other tubs), one haunted the toilet bowl (i think I don't have to explain how he died). The remaining two are closed in the kitchen waiting the oven to get on fire (to make sure, there are 3 of the cheapest ovens)"

Other Kinguins like Anna, could not believe such cruelty is happening. She said that she has never killed a sim. Galina, who is a hardcore fan of the franchise, stayed up last night to play the game on the release. She was a bit nervous if the game would meet her high expectations set by the previous games in the series but after playing it for almost whole night, she says that "it surpassed her expectations". She loved the new minimized control panel because it gives a better visibility on the area on screen. The emotions of the Sims seemed to her to be extremely entertaining and she is looking for the future Expansions of the game.

What is your Sims story? Do you like the newest instalment?