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  • Not only 3 companies
    Not only 3 companies

    Think about the 7th generation of gaming consoles. X360, PS3 and Wii, right? Possibly some handhelds - DS and PSP. What if I tell you that there were many other platforms you have never heard about?

  • Manta MM264 Gamester
    Manta MM264 Gamester

    Let's start with handhelds. With DS (over 150.000.000 units sold) Nintendo showed that the market needed a good mobile platform. That's why many others tried to copy the success of the Japanese company.

    For example I bet that none of you heard about the Polish handheld Manta MM264 Gamester. A simple design comparable to DS (excluding a smaller screen), 32-bit system, emulating games from older Nintendo and Sega platforms, movies, mp3, a text reader and editor and even a possibility to play flash games! And all this for less than 50 Euro! Unfortunately, it was released only for Polish market and it is hard to get one in good condition, but still - it's a 7th gen device.

  • GP2X Wiz
    GP2X Wiz

    However, it was South Korea who had an even bigger chance to copy the success of DS. In 2009 the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, said that they had to make a handheld competitive with DS. The Internet reacted fast and started calling the idea of new console Myungtendo MB. After a few months the console was ready but, even though the official name of the console was GP2X Wiz, it was called Myungtendo anyway. Unfortunately it was designed for people with smaller hands, which caused the players to cover the speakers while playing - shame since it was a really good platform and it could both emulate games from NES and Game Boy and had its own games library. Unfortunately its successor - the GP2X Caanoo - was a complete failure and the company went bankrupt.

  • Pandora

    Can we treat 6000 sold units as a success? In my opinion, yes. Pandora was designed as a handheld game console to emulate games for "platforms older than Dreamcast" but it runs on a custom version of Linux, has a full qwerty keyboard and thanks to that it can be used as small portable computer. I can't wait for its successor.

  • Evo Smart Console
    Evo Smart Console

    Steam Machines are a hot topic right now. No-one really knows what can we expect them to be since it is first time that a PC aims to be living-room-console. Wrong again. Custom linux OS, Windows games in full HD, with an Internet connection and Internet remote control, a biometrics security system with fingerprints and face recognition (and automatically combining player with his/her saves), internet TV, VoD, cloud data storage, VoIP - all this was included in the Evo Smart Console for 250$. They sold only a few hundred units. The main reason for this failure was a bad marketing campaign. And they weren't Valve.

  • HyperScan

    Have you ever heard about Intellivision? It was a really well designed game console released by Mattel in 1979. In 2006 they decided to try to step into game market again ... and they failed. They called their baby HyperScan and although it had only a few games they were quite cool: X-men, Ben 10, Spider-Man or Avatar: The Last Airbender. Also, the price was good - 70$ for console and 20$ for game and after a year when they already knew that this project was a disaster the price dropped down to ... 10$ console and 2$ for games.

  • Zeebo

    If you don't live in Brasil, Mexico or India you've probably never heard about Zeebo. This console was based exclusively on digital distribution via an integrated 3g module. However, even with big support of game developers (on Zeebo you could play FIFA 09, NFS Carbon: Own the City, Crash Bandicoot and more) the console was discontinued in September 2011.

  • What's next?
    What's next?

    We are living in an era when new technologies are being released every day. In a few months we are going to have Oculus Rift, Google Glass and more. But maybe we should sometimes look around and see that many of "next-gen" features are already available. And when Sony releases PS5 with a holographic screen you are going to say "Nah, Pandora X had it already in 2016".