Team2g and Kinguin giveaway!

This week Team2g and Kinguin present you another awesome giveaway – this time you have a chance to win spectacular Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!

This week in cooperation with our dear friend Team2g we give you an opportunity to win:

2 x Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

3 x 25 $ to spend on Kinguin

Team2g is a team uniting some of the most popular streamers all over the world including Trick2g, Machinegunnerusmc, Fatefalls or Dinglederper! Thousands of people from all around the world already know that watching Team2g streamers is a pure pleasure! Not only is Team2g good at playing games – they have a big heart! Team2g was our TOP DONOR during our latest charity event – Kinguin World Record!

Kinguin is a global marketplace uniting people from all over the world! We offer you a wide choice of games in ridiculously low prices. As a marketplace we unite merchants who compete in order to have the lowest price and customers benefit from this. Don't wait and SAVE ON EVERY GAME.

Winners will be announced here on 10th November!

Congratulations to all lucky winners! Contact us via Facebook regarding awards.

Team2g & Kinguin Giveaway!