Team Kinguin is growing! Welcome new HOTS squad!

Heroes of the Storm is up and coming, growing bigger and getting more and more attention. Team Kinguin is very proud to announce the start of a glorious era in competitive HOTS by featuring the former ESC Gaming lineup from Germany.

Pascal "snow" Swoboda, Tom "invidiuM" Vogt, Bent "Nebse" Heide, Kai "Antihero" Oset and Raoul "GerdamHerd" Saurbier have joined Team Kinguin and will work towards their goal to be the best competitive team in Blizzard's MOBA releasing on the second of June this year.

The team already formed at the beginning of closed beta, swapped a few players since then and became what it is now - a force to be reckoned with in competitive HOTS. The team is currently leading the ladder of the ESL Heroes Major League 2015 Season 2 in Europe. After hard work and training team captain Pascal "snow" Swoboda lead his team to victory with an incredible good team-performance in the recent ESL Go4 Heroes Europe Cup.

Team-manager Christian "CatsCrash" Kanzewitsch: "We are glad and proud Kinguin is giving us the fantastic chance to perform professional e-Sports under the best circumstances and with great support. We appreciate that and like to thank Kinguin for this great opportunity. We're looking forward to a successful and glory future in competitive HOTS."

Team Kinguin HOTS

Pascal "snow" Swoboda
Tom "invidiuM" Vogt 
Bent "Nebse" Heide
Kai "Antihero" Oset
Raoul "GerdamHerd" Saurbier