Newest member of Kinguin family!

"We are working with the most successful players and the biggest teams, family of our Partners and Friends is growing constantly every day. And today we have a piece of really good news to share: Team- Empire just became our Partner! "-  Bartłomiej Skarbiński - Chief Marketing Officer at Kinguin

"Our organization is growing and developing with each passing day, but it is very difficult to imagine development without reliable partners. From this point we welcome Kinguin in our family and now we have solid support and are confident about our future."- Sergei "AnahRoniX" Bykovskiy - Team Empire Dota 2 manager

Team Empire, Russian multigaming organization. Founded in 2004. They have become one of the e-Sport world leaders really fast and one of the most famous e-sport brands.
Team Empire has a long list of leading e-sport games top tournaments achievements from all around the globe. Popularization of e-sport in CIS countries is their main goal.

Popular for daily broadcasts and regular tournaments in Dota, Heartstone!
Watch Team-Empire on their Twitch channels it’s Kinguin highly recommended:


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