On our way to the NEXT LEVEL! Anna Streżyńska is now an advisor on Kinguin ICO, and the pre-ICO is ON

We have two fantastic news for everyone who wants to see game trading evolve and offer more to all gamers. Anna Streżyńska has joined the board of advisors for the Kinguin ICO project, and the pre-sale of our tokens opened on March 16!

The time for (r)evolution is NOW. The Kinguin ICO project introduces Krowns - our own currency that will make trade decentralized: independent of banks, faster and even more secure. It will also enable all users to offer new kinds of services.

You are particularly good in a game and want to provide co-op help for money? Or maybe offer to assist other gamers in optimizing their hardware or setting? You will be able to do it - and more - with Krowns. Also, national borders won’t be an issue anymore.

This huge, revolutionary undertaking is made easier by our world-class board of advisors. Its latest member is Anna Streżyńska, former Polish Minister or Digital Affairs and President of MC2 Solutions, a company that’s also helping us to achieve our goals. Let’s hear from the expert herself:

„I'm glad that, as MC2 Solutions, we can help Kinguin to realize their project, and that I personally became an advisor on the subject of ICO. Besides revolutionizing gaming services, the project promotes cooperation between the users of the Kinguin.net platform. It will positively affect its functionality, improve the speed and security of transactions, and at the same time reinforce its credibility, which is extremely important in the modern digital world” - said Anna Streżyńska, President of MC2 Solutions.

Interested in our ICO? The pre-sale will end on March 29. The main sale will begin on March 30 and last until April 30, 2018. Learn more here: https://preico.kinguin.io/, and here: https://kinguin.io/, and even on our Telegram channel https://t.me/KinguinICOPublic.