Team Nihilum dominates the Spring Edition of Kinguin for Charity and enters the semi-finals with three representatives!

Not many would have guessed that both Kolento and StrifeCro would have been out before the semi-finals; however that is certainly today’s case, as Team Nihilum took reign over the event and has now guaranteed itself three out of four top spots!

Can Savjz become the ultimate answer to Team Nihilum’s dominance?

The representative of Team Nihilum must be feeling the electrical sparking surrounding this very match-up, since it was Team Liquid’s very own Savjz, who had already taken out one of Ropecoach’s teammates – ThijsNL.
The Spring Edition of Kinguin for Charity is turning out to be a great chapter for the only recently formed Team Nihilum, as three of their members have already guaranteed themselves spots in the semi-final, but it’s still too early to celebrate, since Savjz will be definitely looking forward to becoming the ultimate answer to Team Nihilum’s dominant run!

They do not fight for personal glory, but for the greater good - Team Nihilum!

Yesterday, we were able to witness a great deal of sportsmanship coming from the side RDU during his match against Neirea. It is never a good feeling for a true competitor to advance in such a manner and it certainly does not get better when one has to face off against a teammate in a semi-fnal.

However, they do not fight for personal glory or achievements, but for the greater good, which in this case would be Team Nihilum. Formalities aside, RDU will be definitely looking forward to face his captain, since Lothar has stormed his way through the first two rounds of the spring edition of Kinguin for Charity like an unstoppable, razor sharp wind cutting the dense air.

Remember that today is the last day, when you will be able to donate to Child’s Play. You can do so through the widgets on our official page and twitch channel during the tournament.
The final day of Kinguin for Charity Spring Edition 2015 will go live on our official Twitch Channel on 17:00 CET and be commentated by our amazingly knowledgeable duo of Monk & ThatsAdmirable.