The first moments in South Park city - The Stick of Truth review

I've never been insulted so many times in so such a short amount of time. I've never been so happy about that.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of most linear RPGs in the history of video games. There are no fillers, there is very little of roaming around, and even less schematic side quests. Everything here was made here for one thing - to make you feel like you are inside an episode of South Park TV series. And this is the longest episode I've watched in my life. And the shortest RPG I've ever played. But I'm not complaining!

Somehow, even though 10 hours of gameplay is not much for a RPG game, it has everything that it should have. There is enough time to get our character to the maximum (15) level, make a number of decisions about our skills and for multiple changes in our gear. Everything of that sort is very important while taking part in jRPG-like battles.

Yeah, battles - this is what is going to take up most of the gameplay. In this turn-based system the player and opponent select kinds of attacks and their targets. It is important to keep an eye on the strengths and weaknesses of opponents, observing the position taken by them during the combat and respond appropriately to the situation. There are also elements of action games, when you need to push the appropriate button in a specific time (some kind of QTE) to deal bigger damage or to protect yourself and that makes each fight different.

The story here is quite linear - you don't have many occasions to create own story, to make decisions that have a real effect on the action. Appropriate equipping of the main character has only use in battles, thare are no additional challenges. We have to follow the path made by developers and discover the whole story just as they planned. But do not consider this a con! Thanks to that you can feel like you are inside of the TV series, and that was the main assumption of the game.

This game is not even predending that it is intended for anyone beside the South Park fans.  The characters are in the first place, and the jokes that fill every corner of the game. Reference to known motifs from the show appear in the locations, descriptions of objects and the fights. The game from start to finish is designed as a paid gift for fans. An awesome gift I have to admit.

The coolest thing in this game that there are no "seams" between story and gameplay. This is first game in history without any difference between gameplay and cutscenes. I'm convinced that it took a lot of hard work to manage it.

While you are exploring new locations, you can feel the 'south-park-spirit'. Paradoxically you feel more like inside the TV while you are playing, not while watching cutscenes. Even inside the game menu and selecting equipment you spend more time reading the entertaining descriptions than on comparing the statistics of attack and defense.

Obsidian cooperated with the creators of original TV series during development stage. And you can feel that. This game was made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone more than anyone from the Obsidian Studio.

Final evaluation? Again from 1 to 10 - OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED KENNY!

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